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George of Brooklyn

...because it is believed they were once used to help treat the Tsarevich Alexis, a hemophiliac, the son of Nicholas II and Alexandra.

mary ellen little

it was believed that magical potions were held inside. Potions so strong that even a wee bit remaining within the container could unleash dreams beyond compare.


they contain a little known (but highly coveted by those few who know of it's existence) elixir of life; created from harvesting the anthers of the Veliko Tarnovo, a rare flower that grows only in a secluded area of the Carpathian mountains in Transylvania, and blooms only in the moonlight"

Madalena Borg

... to distil/to extract
a riddle, a lie, sweat or tears
the last of the knights will return
resurrected with a touch
a lady finger? icy glossy marble?
the witness is blind, the cat will scratch
the mole is uncovered...
tram 1 glass D


Because they are made of an extraordinary and secret material that emulates glass (the origins of this material go back to the beginning of time and fiercely guarded by six dragons). When you exhale into one opening, you become invisible; and when you inhale from the other, you return to your normal corporeal state. The trick is to know which is which, because if you get it wrong, "c'est la fin des haricots" as they say in French. I know all this to be true: my Uncle Merlin told me about it, and he is never wrong.

Fleaing France & French Shopping Tours

....they contain the most precious liquid ever believed to have been created. The liquid leads one to their one true love. After years of oppression and hard living conditions the eastern Europeans had just begun to climb out from their long period of strife. This liquid could turn the tide for their county...allowing those who had long ago given up a chance at happiness and true love.
For all that live know that love conquers all and a country fortified with citizens with love in their hearts would be a force to be reckoned with!


Evil spirits and imps have become wise to the trickery of bottle trees and more inventive bottles and devices have become necessary.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

They are perfect as a dispenser for Dad's "special recipe".


.......... spies were lurking in the shadows of the straight streets of Stara Zagora. They would hide behind the linden trees .... watching and waiting.
Glass bottles, supposedly containing developer or Ultrafin SF, often went missing from the docks, thought by the Military to be used for developing secretly taken photographs. But, known only to a few, this liquid had a far more sinister use ..........


even though you cannont see the contents, they are there. The glass bottles magically replenish themselves (we cannont see the elixir, but like I said it is there). When you drink the elixir you too are replenished, with life, love, happiness and health. Believe.

peggy aplSEEDS

...they are said to have contained the precious elixir of youth, even just a single drop of which will transform you to your best self. But, the drop must be poured out from the proper opening because if poured out from the other, the opposite will happen!

leslie janson

option 1: because only four of these had been made especially for the first two Bulgarian female chemists to graduate from university; they also happened to be siamese twins.

option 2: because you need to be very, very careful if you have really good chemistry.


they are known to hold the magic of "creativity". Upon drinking, you are never without your creative muse....you are never at a loss when you spy that oh-so-wonderful piece at the brocante or flea in any part of the world. You can soar like an eagle, knowing that you will never be at a loss as to what to do with those special pieces....people have killed for much less than this special elixir!
If your eye falls upon it, do what you must to possess it!

alex wijnen

they're the only way to create moonshine from fermented bat milk, which – as we all know – is the only cure for getting over the dreadful "the-one-that-got-away" blues after visiting a particularly spectacular flea market.

sheryl morrison

as i read in the letter from years ago, there was a secret message about a small amount of potion kept for the rarest of times..It held a number for which there was only one who would have access to its wonder and treasure. It was not to be known until it was shared thru a strange vessel with several spouts..Noone knew of its maker and why he made it the way he did until the time of great surprise to whom it was offered..mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm blessings overflow from everywhere when least expected.

Joasia Austin

A) they're perfect for inhaling drugs
B) they're great for distilling alcohol
C) they're in demand by our ever stretched National Health Service
D) I'm out of options and now give up.


if i drink from it, it will cast a spell for me to win them :)


because there are few public restrooms....


they hold the secrets of the dead. Nurses gently put the bottles to the lips of the dying, bearing witness as final messages are uttered. The newly departed filling each bottle with final words…confessions, affirmations of love and stories of sorrow, sometimes apologies or regrets, each bottle contains the final declaration and testimony of a human heart. Family member’s, loved ones, even enemies clamor for the bottles, hoping for one last moment of the departed’s time on earth, for answers to questions or a key that unlocks a secret…

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Marilyn B. Hughes

they once held the secret of immortality....the blood of a vampire. Alchemist hope that with there still remains a tiny drop, invisible to the naked eye, which they can use to distill into a new supply of the forbidden substance. Then, they will have what they avidly seek....that of immortality. Little do they know what awaits.

Pura Vida

they are illegal

Chris Wittmann

Because creative individuals like you snap them up quickly for their phenomenal and mystical art projects.... :)


it magically refills with Rakia as the last drop is drank.

Marie Bosh

Тези стъклени контейнери преместват бързо с черния пазара в България защото открито било е тези бутилки имаха някога много желан еликсир. Еликсирът за пролет. Този еликсир връща младежа на собственика. Еликсирът се нарича за Люля, славянската богиня от любов, се появява и красота.

These glass receptacles move quickly on the black market in Bulgaria because it has been discovered that these bottles once held a much desired elixir. The elixir of spring. This elixir returns youth to the owner. The elixir is named for Lyulya, the Slavic goddess of love, spring and beauty.


These bottles are filled with a potent love potion. One only needs one drop in the drink of the person they are wooing to make them fall madly in love. This is such a powerful potion it has to be guarded carefully as this power should not be used carelessly.

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