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It was not a good day. He reported for duty and got his orders. He was going to ship out in a month. He didn't want to think about telling his mama the news. She'd be so sad. Oh, she was proud of him, but she wanted to see him settle down, not ship out. He decided to head downtown for a stroll before going home for dinner.

The bus dropped him off on the corner by the market and the five and dime. He thought picking up something for his mama might help when he gave her his news. But he turned around and saw the flower shop. It must've just opened because he hadn't noticed it before. Flowers were exactly what she'd like! He walked in the door, and there, behind the counter was the girl he'd had such a crush on in school. They had been good friends, but he never told her how much he really cared for her. He asked her to make up a bouquet of flowers for the prettiest girl in the world, and he stood by, humming a tune while she worked.

"It's a good thing you came in when you did. I was just getting ready to close for the day." "Do you have plans for the evening?" he asked. "Oh. No. I don't,"she replied. "Well then, come home to dinner with me. Mama would love to see you," he said. She agreed. As she was closing up, he grabbed another bouquet from the cooler by the door. "This one's for Mama," he said with a wink. "That one you just made is for you."

They went to his home for dinner, and sure enough his mama was happy to see her again. Mama loved the pretty flowers and she didn't even cry when he told her his news.

After dinner he took the flower shop girl to a movie, then out dancing. They didn't stop laughing the whole time. He walked her home and on the way she told him her secret - that she had cared for him as so much more than a friend. He could hardly contain himself! At her door, just before they said goodnight, he got up his courage and asked her, "Would you marry me?"

This picture was taken the next morning. His smile? Oh, she said yes.

kim davies

he went out drinking the night before and lost his virginity....one happy sailor !!

Kathy Cameron

A sweet young sailor was he
Who travelled the wide open sea.
While searching for treasure
He found love beyond measure
And with her, he wanted to be.
Her heart beat did quicken
As she became smitten
With this sailor that captured her heart.
They sealed the deal with a kiss
Throwing him into bliss
As they promised now never to part.

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