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Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Is it a carved egg?

Kathy Barrick

Could it be a carved bone "person"?

Teresa Schreckrowco

Would it be a carved bone letter opener to open all of your Christmas cards?

Georges from Brooklyn

Is it a skeleton of an animal put together by a human?

Georges from Brooklyn

Is it a serving piece made with a bone handle?

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Is it a bone button?


Is it purely decorative or does it serve a function? Intended specifically for a man, or woman?


Is it's function intended for work? Play?


Is it a game piece? Bone dominoes?

Kathy Barrick

Would this object normally be found in a kitchen? Or would this object normally be found in a bedroom? Or a living room? Or the basement? Or an outbuilding?


Is it a bone whistle?

Teresa Schreck

To play a game of chess, A chess piece?


a small hand-carved nativity from bone or ivory?


Is it a part of a game? Like dice or pins?

Kathy Barrick

Would this object belong to a child? A woman? A man?

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Is it bone dice?

Georges from Brooklyn

is it a chip made out of bone that could be used in backgammon or checkers?

Georges from Brooklyn

...a poker chip made out of bone?

Georges from Brooklyn

...a money chip used in gambling


It is remarkable, it is the amusing information

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